Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Adventures of Being Uncoachable

Hello and thanks for checking out this week's podcast entitled “The Adventures of the Being “Uncoachable””.  It's about being uncoachable or what some might call “unmentorable” (and for the record, I just made both those terms up).  I figured this topic was timely because of a lot that I've been seeing lately, and I thought it was a great time to share my experiences with coaching/mentoring to date.  I also talk about the idea of "luck" and success, and as always detail the past week's struggle and triumph.

For those looking for an update to the $1000 check situation with Dan Miller (author of 48 Days to the Job You Love), I haven't received it yet.  Feel free to catch up with last week's blog and podcast, if you haven't the slightest idea of what I'm talking about. LOL.

I'm running 4 podcast series and/or blogs & newsletters (including this one), and they can be found:
  • Kindra Cotton's Blogger Blog http://kindracotton.blogspot.com (where I plan to centralize most of my online blogging activities there, so if you’re interested in general info on me, you can probably find it there).  I've also recently taken to adding "Random Nothingness" blogs about nothing in particular that some may find interesting.
  • Small Business Branding Tips from my company SSS for Success (EASY Brand Marketing Specialists) located at: www.easybrandmarketing.com
  • MaximizingTheNet.com Newsletter and podcast series that just officially launched yesterday. And you can check that out by visiting MaximizingTheNet.com and clicking on “Newsletter Blog” and from there you can find that podcast.
  • The MiniMarketing Survey Newsletter and podcast series that’s due to make its debut in a few days on Thursday.  You can definitely check out minimarketingsurvey.com to learn more about this, and once the MiniMarketing Survey Newsletter Blog launches, it too will have the podcast included within its posts.

Thanks for your interest and feel free to get in touch with me and give me your feedback, either at my email “podcasts @ kindracotton.com”, or by finding me on  Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, or visit my main website at kindracotton.com, and you can now call me on my Google Voice line at: (201) 870-0234.  If you leave a message on my Google Voicemail line, please be sure to mention which podcast you listened to.

Click media player below to listen to our podcast.

If the player above isn't displaying, or working properly, you can also download the podcast from iTunes for free (it may take a few days for it to appear at this link, but you can subscribe directly to the podcast feed via iTunes if you want to always get new podcast episodes when they're first uploaded)!

Come back next week, and have a Blessed Day!

By the way, Click here to read the Transcripts (and note, I'm working on a better way to publish transcripts for the hearing-impaired, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know; For now, you'll need to scroll down to Episode 4).


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