Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Adventures of Borrowing Money

Hello and thanks for your interest in the second blog post and podcast for Exclusive Multiplicity: Highlighting the Adventures of a Serial EntrepreneurA Tale of one Entrepreneur’s rise to success through bootstrapping while wearing flip-flops.  I’m the Entrepreneur in question Kindra Cotton, and I appreciate your interest and invite you to leave comments, or get in touch with me via the avenues I'll detail towards the end of this post.

I started this blog and podcast series with the goal of scripting a narrative around the struggles and triumphs of a multifaceted entrepreneur trying to create “something” from nothing.  Or in other words, starting with tenacity, ambition, passion, and determination, but little-to-no money or cash to start with. 

This week’s topic is “The Adventures of Borrowing Money”, since my objective is to talk about the struggles and triumphs, I figured I’d start with the struggles, because I think it's important to highlight the good and the bad of being an entrepreneur so that those considering this path can be truly informed.

I talk a bit more about the specifics in the podcast (or you can read the Transcript of that podcast HERE, by scrolling down to "Episode 2"), but to make a long story short, I can tell you that I borrowed a small sum of money from someone and all sorts of hijinks and shenanigans ensued, and it ended in the temporary theft of my identity!

What I learned from this situation: I will do anything (legal and ethical) to make my business ventures a success!  Even if it means having to put up with varying levels of unpleasantness in the process.  And with this week’s struggle out of the way, I'll now we move on to the triumph! 

My triumph this week was getting 4 podcasts series off the ground, as well as working on the blog and newsletter components associated with each!  

I love the work I'm doing, and I'm really have a great time while doing it, so I invite you to check them out.  Currently, I'm running 4 podcast series and/or blogs & newsletters (including this one), and they can be found:

I’m also working on another personal side project related to consumer advocacy that is still fleshing itself out, meaning I don’t have a clear vision for what I’m going to do at this stage, but I know I’m going to do something, and soon. 

So with that in mind, I’d like to encourage anyone out there listening to my voice to feel free to get in touch with me and give me your feedback, either by leaving comments below, or email “podcasts @ kindracotton.com”, or by finding me on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  If you visit my main website (kindracotton.com), you’ll find links to the multiple ways that you can get in touch with me, or you can contact me via Skype at my name Kindra.Cotton, and you can now call me on my Google Voice line at: (201) 870-0234.

Thanks again for reading this blog post and listening to my second podcast of this series.  I really do appreciate you, and thank you for bearing with me as I’m “learning the ropes” of blogging, podcasting, and digital audio broadcasting, and I hope that you'll stick with me, and that you're enjoying what I'm putting out there,

Have a Blessed Day!

Click the flash player below to hear the audio from this week's podcast:

Click here to read the Transcripts (and note, I'm working on a better way to publish transcripts for the hearing-impaired, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know).

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