Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Adventures of Multitasking

Hello and thanks for checking out this week's podcast entitled "The Adventures of Multitasking".

This week's podcast I talk about how a few days ago, I saw that @WriterChanelle on Twitter posted an article about “Why Bashing Millennials is Wrong”.  It’s an article that begins with how people bash Millennials as lazy, entitled, and fickle, and how today’s manager doesn’t quite know how to manage these folks born after 1980.  Due to the month of my birth, I am technically a “Generation Xer”, which is weird, because I identify more with “Gen Yers”, but I’m not invited to their parties because a couple of weeks difference, but I digress…

The author of the article (Nancy Lublin, Do Something's CEO & Chief Old Person) talks about how she’s had to take a new approach to managing Millennials, since their style of doing things through multitasking expressly differs from her style of putting things on a “To Do List” and scratching them off one-by-one until they’re done.  She notes that studies shows that Millennials use multitasking, and they’re technically not more proficient than their older counterparts, but she admits that they get things done, even if it’s not done the way she thinks it should be.  She’s learned to give her Gen Y employs a clear task, then let them accomplish it in the best way that they know how.  My how I wish she could get this message across to many of her “Baby Boomer” and “Generation X” counterparts.

But I liked the article, and more importantly, it got me to thinking.  For as far back as I can remember in my adult life, I’ve always been chided for multitasking.  And, I get it.  It does look as if a person that’s doing 20 things simultaneously is doing no ONE THING well.  I understand how people’s minds work.  I get that people gauge what others can do, by what they think they can do, and clearly if they can’t do something, then it’s hence deemed unfeasible for someone else.  With age (and presumably wisdom), I’ve learned not to let this get to me so much.

But when I read, yet another article that reminds me of this “young people are lazy” notion, I can’t help but think about the way that many people try to make me feel “inadequate” for my penchant for multitasking.  I like doing multiple things at once.  I am the person who has 6 applications running over two computers while talking on the phone, and I STILL manage to get things done within the deadline that was a set.  Sure, I miss some deadlines here and there, but it’s not due to multitasking. LOL..  I get things done that need to be done, and I know how to prioritize.  So that’s a bit of a struggle.  

The good happening this week is that I take my multitasking to a new level by continuing to move forward into growing enterprises, and chopping up enterprises as I separate SSS for Success from EASY Brand Marketing Specialists.  I’m finding these days that I spend almost HALF of my time dealing with the administrative portion of running a business, and luckily for me, this still falls under the purview of things I love.

Hopefully, if all goes according to plan this week, I’ll have 2 new websites, and a stack of new business cards, and I’ll be all ready to take the world by storm with a full networking schedule by next week.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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