Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Adventures of a Digital Death

This week’s podcast episode is entitled “The Adventures of a Digital Death”.

Over the weekend, my computer died.  It was a tough time.  For someone who seeks to make a living working primarily off of a computer, this was a serious blow.  It's taken me a few days to recover, and even now I'm still a bit sensitive about it.  You may have noticed, over the past few weeks, that I'd gotten a bit lax about updating this podcast series.  Though I generally write or note my weekly experiences, I haven't taken the time I should to actually make the podcasts and get them uploaded and on the web, and for that, I apologize to the few out there who actually enjoy and look for this series.  I'll definitely do a better job of getting these episodes pushed out.  

I'm doing the best to make do with what I have.  

Please feel free to leave comments below or give me your feedback directly, either by email “podcasts @ exclusivemultiplicity.com”, or by finding me on Facebook, Twitter (@KindraCotton), or LinkedIn.  You can also contact me via Skype at my name Kindra.Cotton, and you can now call me on my Google Voice line at: (201) 870-0234.  If you leave a message on my Google Voicemail line, please be sure to mention which podcast you listened to.
Click media player below to listen to this podcast. 

If the player above isn't displaying, or working properly, you can also download the podcast from iTunes for free (it may take a few days for it to appear at this link, but you can subscribe directly to the podcast feed via iTunes if you want to always get new podcast episodes when they're first uploaded)!  

By the way, Transcripts are now available upon request.  If you want one, please email me at "transcripts[at]exclusivemultiplicity.com". 

Come back next week, and have a Blessed Day! 

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