Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Adventures of Networking

Hello and welcome to this week’s podcast episode is entitled “The Adventures of Networking”.

Last week's fiasco into Door-to-Door Sales taught me a lot about the power of networking, and for the most part, it reiterated what I've always heard, read, and known about how people do business with people they know and trust.  It's clear that I have an issue becoming a “Trust Agent” among people whom I know on a collegial level, so I'm looking to improve that by improving my networking.  

This past weekend, I attended a sort of crafts fair/shoppers extravaganza called “Christmas Village”, which is a yearly tradition where craftsmen and boutique shopping outlets come out for a three-day event of shopping and fun at the state fairgrounds.  It was suggested to me that this would be an ideal opportunity for me to go out and meet people who might be interested or at the least curious about the services that I offer at my company, SSS for Success (Small Business Survival Specialists).  

The goal wasn't to go there and sell people, the goal was to go and see the types of companies and people that are out there, and perhaps see if there's something within their operations that I could help them with.  I wouldn't (nor did I) try to sell or solicit them during the event, but instead, I made a concerted effort to grab as many business cards, flyers, and contact information that I could get my hands on.  I have no intention of spamming or harassing anyone, but a lot of the companies that I saw were doing some really neat and interesting things.  

I started my business to help people, so with that in mind, I'm hoping I'll be able to provide a service that can help them as they seek to get the most out of the trade shows they attend on a regular basis.

These days, it seems like my struggle is just making it day-to-day.  And of course, my triumph would be making it to the next day.  So: Here's to the third week in November!

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Come back next week, and have a Blessed Day! 

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