Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Adventures of Conflicting Messages

This week’s podcast episode is entitled “The Adventures of Conflicting Messages”.

One of the bigger issues I've been having lately is that of conflicting messages.  For instance, fairly early in my job search a few years ago, I was advised that I needed to be honest, truthful, and forthright in my desire to find work.  Thus letting people know that I was on the job market, and seeking employment, and specifically asking for their help in finding and identifying possible job opportunities.  On the flip side once again, I was advised not to share this information, either because “People want to hire people that other people want (i.e. employed people)”, or “People won't view you as an equal or colleague, and instead they'll pity you, and while they may help you, it will be from a standpoint of benevolence, and you'll never gain equal footing as a peer”.

Confusing and conflicting messages are very frustrating at this stage, especially since I'm starting to notice that one piece of advice from one person is directly negated by another piece from someone else.  In this week's podcast, I talk about these conflicting messages and my outstanding issues with trust and managing the plethora of advice I seem to solicit everywhere I go.

One good piece of advice that I did receive lately was about incorporating a tip jar for anyone who wants to donate funds to me and my cause of serial entrepreneurship.  You'll notice a “PayPal Tip Jar” on the right-hand side of this site and you can feel free to use it!  The top banner on the page may say “The MiniMarketing Survey”, because it's the same account that I use for my business, but rest assured, it's all me.  If you do decide to give money to me, know that it will surely be put to good use, and will be greatly appreciated.

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Come back next week, and have a Blessed Day!  
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