Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Adventures of the Lull

This week's podcast is entitled "The Adventures of the Lull".

I’m bored this week.  Nothing in particular happening this week, with the exception that yesterday marked the day that several of debts are being “charged off”, which I know means there’s merely a lull between now and the time that collection agencies start making their near-comical calls.  

I ended last week, having my regular round of calls with various creditors, and at this point, I’m convinced they just keep making these calls because they really want to forge a friendship with me.  Can’t be any other reason.

What I find interesting about this whole thing, with most of my creditors, is that for more than a decade, I paid everything on time, was never late, and often times paid 2-3 times more than any minimum payments that existed for any balances I held.  I didn’t make any ridiculous purchases, or splurge unnecessarily, or make unwise financial decisions.  In fact, a few months ago, realizing the inevitable writing on the wall, I took the possibly unorthodox step of contacting each of my creditor’s executive’s offices and asking for assistance BEFORE my accounts became late and past due and susceptible to collections.  Though I did get responses (mostly simply acknowledging my letter), I didn’t get the help I needed, which for me was a series of payment arrangements that I knew I could afford at that time, to hopefully avoid the worst case scenario.  If my request had been granted, I probably wouldn’t be in the situation that I am today, but it wasn’t, so it is what it is.

Right now, things are at that point where they’re “eerily mellow”.  Nothing’s quite “up” but nothing’s quite “down”.  There’s just a calm, but I know it’s the calm before the storm.  Today’s the first of February, and the start of Black History Month, which just means I’ll see more Black people on TV and in the news for the next 28 days, than I will for the remainder of the year in any medium.  I’ve only got 28 short days to make the most out of this month, so I’ll be doing my best to try to make that happen.

In the meantime, I’m adding a new segment to this blog and podcast called “What I’m Reading”.  It’ll just be a quick blurb detailing what books I’m making my way through at any given moment.  My hope is that they maybe inspire someone, or just bring to the forefront a book that you otherwise would have missed and might want to check out.

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Come back next week, and have a Blessed Day! 

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