Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Adventures of Dave and Busters

A love of Dave & Busters sparked this week's podcast of "The Adventures of Dave & Busters".  

Last week, I sent emails to some key people at “Dave & Busters” the entertainment chain that has 55 U.S. locations that offers family-friendly entertainment, food, and video games throughout the country.  The reason I did this is because I LOVE DAVE AND BUSTERS!  And I always have.  In fact, I have a Gold Rewards Membership to prove it!  

As an adult, it’s the equivalent of “Chuck E. Cheese” for me, and you just can’t beat the combination of Skee Ball and Long Island Iced Teas!

This is an understatement
If you recall, I also deemed last week as the start of my “Moving On” campaign, and part of that includes me moving to a new location, where I can start new, being in a place that’s supportive of me, my talents, and the skills that I know I can bring into the right environment.  

I’m not 100% sure that my move will mean that I leave Nashville, but after being here for nearly 5 years, I feel like if something were going to happen, it would have happened by now.  

So for that reason, I’ve opened myself up to ALL possibilities.  Which is how I ended up making Dave & Busters a focal point, as I look for a new locale.  When I moved to Nashville in 2006, they had a Dave & Busters location out at Opry Mills. But since the May 2010 flood, Nashville’s Dave & Busters has been shut down, and I’ve hated it.  Though I don’t have nearly as much disposable income as I used to, I hate that I can’t go and hang out there.  So, I decided, wherever I move to next, needs to be with 25 miles of a Dave and Busters location!  

This is something that’s important to me.  Just like the local library, and number of movie theaters or stores at the local mall, a Dave & Busters location is something I need for my overall quality of life to be better.  This is something I believe in! In fact, I take it so seriously, that I actually wrote several executives at Dave & Busters last week, pretty much telling them the same thing. I thought that someone, particular someone in their marketing department, might find my quest interesting, especially since someone’s gearing their new life plans off of being near their brand!

One of the things on my “Bucket List” or things I’d like to do before I die, is to visit EVERY Dave & Busters location.  They now have 55 in the U.S., and I’ve been to the one in Nashville, the two in the Chicagoland area, the one in Michigan (outside of Detroit), the one in St. Louis, the one in Indianapolis, and the THREE in the Atlanta area.  So that’s 10 down, only 45 more to go.  I’ve either visited or lived in each of the locations that I’ve mentioned, so all of those locales, with the exception maybe of Atlanta and Indianapolis, are off the list of potential future relocation destinations.  But I’m open to the possibilities!

What about you? Ever been to a Dave and Busters location? Am I alone in my love of the brand?  Please feel free to leave comments below or give me your feedback directly, either by email “podcasts @ exclusivemultiplicity.com”, or by finding me on Facebook, Twitter (@KindraCotton), or LinkedIn.  You can also contact me via Skype at my name Kindra.Cotton, and you can now call me on my Google Voice line at: (201) 870-0234.  If you leave a message on my Google Voicemail line, please be sure to mention which podcast you listened to.

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Come back next week, and have a Blessed Day!


  1. My wife and I also love Dave & Buster's and have been to all the locations in California. Not only do we both have Gold cards, we used to be shareholders when the company was publicly traded.
    We have cashed in tickets for the large CD-playing jukebox, TWO Nintendo DS systems and currently have more than 36,000 tickets but not sure what to trade them in for now.

  2. Wow John, that's great! I can't wait to visit the California locations! I'm sure they'll be awesome, especially with all that California fun and sun!

    And 36,000 tickets is very impressive! I currently have about 8000 waiting for my next Dave & Busters trip. Whenever I visit I new location, I try to get something (usually a shot glass) that has the name of the city on it, but I've also got an entire set of glassware and a Martini Set that's branded by Dave and Busters! :)

    Good to know I'm not the only one that loves them!


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