Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Adventures of Not Worrying

This week's podcast is entitled "The Adventures of Not Worrying".

I started this week with some bad news.  Literally, the rug was pulled right from under me, and all that I have been working for over these past many months was in jeopardy of coming to a grinding halt.  I was in jeopardy of literally becoming penniless within a matter of days, as opposed to a few weeks, which was my reality until this past Sunday morning, and I was in despair.  I allowed myself to be run ragged with despair and worry for 24 hours, because after bad news, I think it just takes some time to process the information, and deal with it emotionally in whatever manner works best for you.  For me, this 24 hour period of “down time” is how I deal.

On Monday, I said there’s nothing I can do about what’s going to happen, since I’m virtually powerless to changing the decision that was made against me, so I decided to move on, and get to dealing with the new set of problems and tasks set before me.  Essentially, I found myself worry-free, because after that 24 hour period of lamenting, I found any additional worry to be a waste of my time.

By Tuesday, in less than 72 hours from having my world turned upside down, everything had turned around!  And it’s funny, because as of today, I don’t have one more dollar than I did on Sunday, but there’s tons of promise for good days ahead!

So this week’s lesson that I learned: Don’t worry (or at least not that much).  I feel like kicking myself for the times that I’ve wasted fretting!  I can be honest and say, I probably will worry again, because it’s human nature, but this recent experience has taught me not to worry too much.  So, this week’s triumph is realizing that my perseverance is starting to pay off! And this week’s struggles is not getting ahead of myself and “counting my chickens before they’ve hatched”.

At this point, I can say I’ve had some really positive talks and I’m convinced that the fruition of these talks will lead to immense success!

What about you? Got any stories you’d like to share about worrying, or triumphing over those basic fears of worry and fret that we’re all prone too?

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Come back next week, and have a Blessed Day!

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